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Over the years many students have learnt dance and music and have even gone on to choreograph their own pieces.  Many have started college dance teams, and a few of them have received credits and scholarships due to the skill they learnt. Many reach out and say good things about Taal School of Dance!

Learn. Perform. Dance. Music. Confidence. Art. Vocal. Keyboard. Kathak. Bharatnatyam.

Ms. Vallabh

I wanted to say thank you for giving my daughter the opportunity to perform yesterday, it's a good experience for girls and their confidence. It also brings joy to the others, it was sweet. 


Everyone at Taal School of dance does such a nice job. Ms Jyoti is great, very talented, and calm. Taal is a beautiful dance studio with a friendly atmosphere. I made many friends over the years at Taal.

Tara Nalley

Just wanted to drop a note and say thank you for this year of having my girls at your studio. They love it so much! Appreciate all you do !


I learnt how to play the keyboard and sing along with it. I can sing and play an instrument now. Thanks to Taal school of dance and music for the experience.


Thanks for all your support Jyoti. Ladies dance was good - credit goes to you. We love Taal School of Dance.

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