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About Taal

We teach bollywood dancing, musical instrument keyboard,  hindustani vocals, karaoke singing, and classical indian dances. Also call us for learning choreographed dances on the songs of your choice for your special occasions and let us interact with your guests in the special workshop on the special occasion.​


You will perform, interact with others, sing, dance, play an instrument, make new friends, learn choreography, obtain certification, build a team, earn volunteer hours, connect with culture, have the opportunity to speak on stage in front of audiences of all sizes, and be able to put all that on your college applications.


With our extensive database of artists and teachers in the upstate, we can assist you in exploring your interests and connecting you with professional teachers. Don't wait, just call us and talk with us. Our passion is to help people explore their creativity and become lifelong learners! We just love it!


About Ms. Jyoti Garg | Founder and Director

Ms. Jyoti Garg is the founder and director of Taal, Greenville and the Upstate's premier Indian dance school. She holds a B.S. in Industrial/ Manufacturing Engineering and M.B.A. in Operations Management. Jyoti has been teaching dance for over 15 years. Born and raised in the United States, she was first introduced to the world of Indian dance at the age of 9.

Encouraged by family and friends,she received formal training in BharatNatyam, and continued to choreograph and perform solos as well as group dances throughout high school and college, at international and Indian cultural shows, special events, bridal showers, weddings, etc. Her natural talent and ability along with professional Indian dance training was recognized and appreciated by all.

Still wanting to continue her journey of learning, Ms. Jyoti Garg has also received Kathak training to the graduate level and has thus expanded her breadth of knowledge about dance even further. 


Now settled in Greenville with her supportive husband and 2 beautiful kids, she is passionate about teaching the beauty and grace of Indian Dance, bringing a sense of community building, instilling a great part of Indian culture, as well as adding health benefits associated with dance and exercise. 

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